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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"   - Lao Tzu

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How can I help you?

I offer self-defense/survival seminars and semi-private classes. 


Seminars for Women and Professionals

Are you interested in a self-defense/survival seminar that teaches awareness, avoidance, and action for your group or friends?

  BE the SURVIVOR! Due to the increase in asocial (criminal) violence in today's society, I offer unique seminars to share possible life saving information that will allow you the opportunity to be the survivor!


What would you do?

And...would you bet your life on it?

You need to attend my unique seminar and learn the "one thing" that is

necessary to change any physical life or death encounter instantly in your favor!

Nothing takes the place of training and practice but.....

Knowledge from a seminar is still a great start!


Self-Defense / Survival Motivational Speaker

Do you need a self-defense/survival motivational speaker for your group or event?

Self-Defense / Survival Training

Are you interested in learning how to defend yourself in a "Life or Death" criminal encounter?


Korean Martial Art (Tang Soo Do) Instruction

Are you interested in a journey of self-discovery while learning a martial art?