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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"   - Lao Tzu

Self-Defense / Self-Survival

Seminar for Adult Men and Women

Self-Survival Seminar for WomenSelf-Survival Seminar for Women

At this point in time,

it becomes

too late to get

Self-Survival training!


I offer my "Self-Survival Seminar" in response to requests from the community after a brutal murder of a young lady on a local bike trail. I had taught self-defense classes in the past but realized that self-defense would NOT have saved that young woman’s life! So, I devoted many hours to assemble the information that would have offered the young lady an opportunity to survive the asocial encounter that took her life. I decided to name it “Self-Survival” and offer it in a program named “Self-Survival Seminar for Adult Men and Women.”

Off-Site SeminarOff-Site Seminar

On-Site SeminarOn-Site Seminar

Recommended for adult men and women (18 and older) concerned about their safety.


Each seminar is:

        - 3 hours in duration.

        - Available for adults (18 and  older).

        - In groups of four (4) or more.

        - Invesment is only $50 per person.


If you are interested:

        -  In attending a seminar.

        -  In organizing a group for a seminar.

        -  at the Leonardtown on-site location.

        -  Or at an off-site location.


Please feel free to contact me for more information!

  – Grandmaster Glenn Miller