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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"   - Lao Tzu

Self-Defense / Self-Survival Seminar

Why do you offer this seminar?

I offer my women's seminar in response to requests from the community after a brutal murder of a young lady on a local bike trail. I had taught self-defense classes in the past but realized that self-defense would NOT have saved that young woman’s life! So, I devoted many hours to assemble the information that would have offered the young lady an opportunity to survive the asocial encounter that took her life. I decided to name it “Self-Survival” and offer it in a program named “Self-Survival Seminar for Adult Men and Women.”


I share various awareness and avoidance protocols, the vital self-survival mindset needed for a "life or death" encounter, the difference between a weapon and a tool, basic martial art principles needed if you must engage an assailant, and the one thing required to change everything immediately in your favor in an asocial violence encounter!  If you have a conceal carry permit and carry a firearm, this seminar will provide vital information relating to the possibility of deploying that tool in a life or death encounter.


Why would I be interested in your seminar?

My seminars are extremely unique! During my seminars, I explain the difference between Self-Defense (Social Violence) and Self-Survival (Asocial Violence). I share various awareness and knowledge of asocial violence, the difference between weapons and tools, and the one thing that changes everything to your favor! I continue by explaining and demonstrating the martial art principles that are needed to survive a life or death encounter and the vulnerable areas on every human body. I end the seminar by putting all the information together with a strategy to employ in an asocial violence encounter.


Who should attend this seminar?

If you are an adult 18 years or older, I recommend that you attend the "Self-Survival Seminar for Adult Men and Women" and take the time to learn the information needed to survive a life or death encounter. It is like an insurance policy. You buy insurance hoping to never need to use it, but in the event that you do, you are prepared!


Will I have to physically participate during the seminar?

NO! It is ONLY a lecture with demonstrations. The only participation is by asking questions. If you would like to learn and practice the martial art principles, I offer post seminar self-defense / self-survival group training. 


How long is the seminar?

The seminar is 3 hours in duration.  


How much does the seminar cost?

Self-Survival Seminar for Adult Men and Women is $50 per person. My mission is to empower as many people as possible!


When do you offer the seminar?

Seminars are scheduled when requested by various groups of four (4) or more. Depending on the request, I will travel off-site to the location of the group.


What if I want to organize a seminar but do not have 4 or more in my group?

My goal is to empower as many people as possible! If your group is smaller, please contact me for more details.


How do I request and schedule a seminar for my group?

You can request and schedule a seminar by simply contacting me.